I’ve been wrong for so long. Clinging to a belief that love would save me. All along I had what I desired in my own blood. I unsheathed the power from inside my own body and watched fires ignite at the tips of my fingertips.

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Worn out dreams

Sometimes you don’t see yourself growingDSC00163

until you look back to where you were

at this time last year

to realize

flowers have bloomed

from the cracks in your chest.

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finally sitting in lotus pose




There is darkness

and there is light

I am a little of both…



I can finally sit –somewhat– comfortably in lotus pose! This has been the hardest pose to get into for me. I never would have thought a flexibility pose would make me feel more accomplished than the strength poses I have gotten into so far.

Flexibility is not something I’ve always possessed, in fact it’s extremely hard for me. This wasn’t something I could power through, I had to listen to my body and allow it to slowly open up to the stretch. It took three YEARS.

Anything is possible if you devote enough time to your practice.