The Jump

Written for a literary journalism class Skydiving is an extreme sport, the waiver reads, the center is not responsible for injuries or even death. Extreme and death capitalized and bold, serving as the final resort to rely some sense into the situation. They can’t sue, even if negligence is present. The warning glanced over without […]

The mountains are calling…

3 days in Colorado is nowhere near enough time to see all that it has to offer. I wonder if a lifetime would even be sufficient. There is an abundance of quality destinations, & each one seems surreal. Emerald Lake has beautiful clear blue water and is in an ideal location being in the middle […]

little reminders

we’re all human. a little wrong, a little right. somewhat bad, mostly good. we get our emotions confused. we let others—and even ourselves—manipulate our own perspectives. a huge problem with the world is selfishness. who isn’t guilty of displaying some extent of it? some of it isn’t necessarily bad, too much and the world explodes […]