4 years of college


A lot has changed since day one of college. It’s hard to pinpoint each pivotal moment of growth, but if I look hard enough they can’t be missed.

Four years is enough time to become someone brand new, multiple times. My beliefs were challenged and, at times, were changed (for the better).

I started out majoring in undecided, I had no clue what direction to go in. So, I took classes I deemed interesting, ones that were beyond my comfort zone.

I fell in love with the way astronomers gave their live’s to looking at the sky, I still search for Polaris when the night sky is clear. I still blush a little when I remember the time my professor chose my paper to read to the class, he was impressed by it and he taught me to believe in my ability to put words on paper.

I spent evenings pondering over anthropologist’s discoveries, trying to understand humans in the way they did, searching for a better understanding of the world.

Criminology class helped me understand more problems than just crime. Turns out there’s much more than a rebellious spirit behind many convicts.

I kept going back to this idea of needing to tell the stories of those who weren’t being heard on their own.

I followed my love for writing, and it allowed me to start telling stories. Stories that wouldn’t be told if a journalist didn’t believe in the value of each individual voice.

Through experience and voices around me, I was taught how to travel inexpensively, how to live more sustainably and how to stop putting so much value in material.

I flew to Greece alone, but came home with a full heart thanks to all the strangers who become familiar faces.

I had to pry my eyes open at times during those moments where I was so uncomfortable I wanted to shrink and fall back, those moments I decided to understand instead of build a wall turned me into someone I am proud to be.

It wasn’t easy: the stress was overwhelming, the late nights put bags under my eyes and I went through big life changes in the midst of it.

I met so many great people, and I whether I continue to see them or if we lose touch, I will always be so grateful for them and the time we shared together.

I hope I never forget those moments. The nights surrounded by people to the nights spent studying all alone. The roommates who became best friends.

I’m even thankful for the stupid happenings that made me a little wiser.

If there’s one thing I had to choose that I would never forget, it’s simply a little reminder to never push change away. To always test my own knowledge and allow myself to build a better fight, or see a perspective I didn’t understand.

I don’t have any plans laid out, and I still don’t know where I’m going, but I have learned there’s more important things than having it all figured out.

I’ll miss it. So much. As tiring as it was, I would do it all again.


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