I’ve been wrong for so long. Clinging to a belief that love would save me. All along I had what I desired in my own blood. I unsheathed the power from inside my own body and watched fires ignite at the tips of my fingertips.

I’m not alone in this battle.

Anxiety sucks. SUCKS. I always thought I was simply an overthinker, for so long I had no idea there was more to it. It comes in so many different forms and leaves me fighting for new solutions.

There are ways to ease the stressful, nonstop thinking game I constantly am playing, but no matter how much progress is made, I will always have bad days.

Some days it seems benign, others it is a raging storm where my heart suffers and my staggered breathing is uncontrollable.

Things that help me:

  1. Breath work or pranayama –  I do a five minute daily practice of controlled breathing which looks like this: 4 second inhale, 4 second hold, 4 second exhale, 4 second hold, repeat.
  2. Yoga/Meditation – likewise to breath work, yoga and meditation focus tremendously on your breath as well as teaching you to let go of what’s on your mind.
  3. Forget perfectionism – there’s this need to be the best and I’ve noticed it only causes me to be worse. Challenges are good for growth, but there is a huge difference between a healthy goal and an unhealthy motivator on your shoulders screaming that your best is not good enough.
  4. No shame relax time – it’s actually healthy to RELAX. Forget about everything on your mind for a little while and take some down time.
  5. Exercise – raising my heartrate, releasing endorphins can turn my whole day around. Sometimes, exercising is the last thing I want to do, but I do it because the end reward can transform my current mood.
  6. OUTDOORS/SUNSHINE/TRAVEL – enough said.


























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