Lately, I’ve tried my best to stay conscious about my perception of what I see and what feelings accompany the visuals. I’ve tried to see how much of my own thoughts revolve around society’s stark concentration on what’s on the outside.

dsc09434It’s very evident I also put a lot of emphasis on how something looks. On the daily I ask myself things like, “how will this make me look?” or I frown over my bunched up skin. I have never given much thought to these little, nearly subconscious, remarks. Now that I’m calling myself out for them,  I realize how big of a role they play in my every day life.

As humans, our brains are geared towards pleasing other people. So when we do something as simple as put together an outfit, we wonder if our taste will impress those around us. We LOVE compliments and wearing something adorable is a sure way to get them. Which has created fast-fashion and consumerism,  topics for a whole different conversation.

What if you didn’t see the world this way? How differently would you act if appearances played no factor in your every day decisions? These are questions I keep asking myself. Even now, as I am cognizant if these ever pressing thoughts, I find myself worrying about appearances. I life without caring about aesthetics does not seem fathomable.

dsc_0098So, I have tried to find balance. As a photographer, it is my job to create something beautiful and find that angles that no one has seen before. It is innately human to desire beauty. We chase sunsets, are enthralled with mountains and stare at the ocean for hours,  becaudsc06889se beauty is something we are lucky enough to see.

The opposing side of this balance is the difference between photos and landscapes, and the way we judge the looks of a person and strive to be the most fashionable. Because, while I agree that clothing is a way of expressing ourselves, we have taken it too far. So far people are going into debt and ruining the planet because of it.

Beauty has become such a profitable industry because people want to do whatever it takes to please other’s eyes. So we spend too much money on cosmetics and starve ourselves skinny.

When it comes to my body, I have started to stop asking myself how it looks and started looking at what it can do. I want to stay fit, because I want to be healthy. I want to condition my body for a life well lived, so I train it to climb mountains and reap the benefits of a daily yoga practice, but I’m done training simply to make my body look appealing.

This is a basic analysis, soon I will delve deeper into this world of aesthetics. Until then, I will keep questioning all of these thoughts.




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