Chains, views and hiking boots


It may be hell to get up, but they named it Angel’s Landing for a reason. The top is home to an astonishing 360 degree view of Zion National Park, the kind of spot that causes a three hour hike to take five hours because you can’t peel yourself away from the view.

I had no idea what I was getting into when I decided to set out on this adventure. I had never even heard of this beauty until the day before we conquered it.

This hike is challenging. You’re climbing along a ridge with a thousand foot drop off on both sides. There really is no room for mistakes. It’s a popular feat, but anyone who plans on attempting it should know its no easy accomplishment. People have died trying to get to the top, at the top and on their way down

.I will be back, eventually. Hopefully, I will go on many trips to Zion throughout my life. If you’re looking for a surreal adventure, hop in your car and head to Zion. This kind of experience would be hard to beat.

Zion National Park is one of my favorite places. There are many different day hikes that I did not get to go on, but will be going back for.

You have to take a bus to get to any of the trailheads, driving is not permitted. The buses are free and the idea behind them is great: public transportation keeps in-park traffic controlled.

For outdoor lovers, this park will likely feel like heaven on Earth.




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