The mountains are calling…

3 days in Colorado is nowhere near enough time to see all that it has to offer. I wonder if a lifetime would even be sufficient. There is an abundance of quality destinations, & each one seems surreal. Emerald Lake has beautiful clear blue water and is in an ideal location being in the middle of mountains, but in order to see it, it can’t be snow covered. The snowy hike to the frozen lake was still astonishing and the view was worth all of the falls I took on the way there. Estes Park Mountain Shop offers an array of experiences that make climbing mountains possible for amateurs like myself. Maybe I’ve been reading too many climbing based books, but I believe a mountaineering desire has been contrived. Garden of the Gods is the perfect place to become more holy, right? Denver. I love you. I could spend weeks exploring the restaurants and graffiti covered buildings. The affable city vibes leave you laughing with strangers & feeling right at home in the midst of millions of people. Manitou Cliff Dwellings are the perfect place for anyone wondering what life was like way back when.

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