little reminders

we’re all human.

a little wrong, a little right.

somewhat bad, mostly good.
we get our emotions confused. we let others—and even ourselves—manipulate our own perspectives.


a huge problem with the world is selfishness. who isn’t guilty of displaying some extent of it? some of it isn’t necessarily bad, too much and the world explodes

how do you give yourself away, without letting people take too much? maybe there is an art to the balance between giving and being used.

altruism vs. egocentrism. which path do you take? to put it simply life doesn’t always have to benefit you.

mistakes, we all make them. the more you make, the more you can learn. i think that’s pretty neat; that we have the ability to either grow or shrink. fight or recoil.

we think too much or we say too much, and that complicates things to a greater extent than need be.

most things don’t go as planned. so maybe stop planning so much and diminish your expectations so there is no wrong outcome.

despite the pain, the wrong turns and the abandonment we face, we have to keep feeling the deepest, most powerful emotions.


because we are so lucky to be able to have conscious thoughts. to be aware of both

beauty and disaster. let yourself feel it all.

we’re just human.

raw. emotional. a little lost.

passionate. real. unbelievable.

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