The most dreamy place I’ve ever been

Once upon a time, a ship loaded up with illegal smokes got caught in an unexpected storm next to the island Zante. They tried to ride it out, knowing good and well prison was what awaited them shall they call for help, but the storm was too great. The ship crashed and washed up onto land, perfectly in the middle of the most beautiful place I have ever seen.

Welcome to shipwreck beach, where wildest dreams seem to become a breathtaking reality.DSC_0378.JPG

DSC_0234DSC_0251DSC_0297The crystal clear water can’t be beat, or can it? I’m not sure which view beats the other; is it the view from the water or is it the view from the top of the monstrous cliffs? DSC_0087DSC_0125DSC_0050The two who made this trip possible! I told my mom where I thought we should go and this crazy lady listened to what I had to say. Happy anniversary trip to them 🙂DSC_0113DSC_0426 On the boat ride back from shipwreck beach, we got to go inside the beautiful “Blue Caves”. They were stunning, with water so blue and clear that we could perfectly see 30 feet down to the sandy bottom.DSC_0179DSC_1036DSC_1044DSC_1062DSC_1065DSC_0970DSC_0975DSC_0051


I have never fallen in love with a place more. The views were too good to be true; I had to constantly pinch myself in order to realize it wasn’t a dream.

Also, I can’t forget to mention the incredible islanders! From the crew men who brought us to the most amazing beach to the staff at every restaurant, the hospitality on this island can’t be beat.



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