The mountains are calling…

3 days in Colorado is nowhere near enough time to see all that it has to offer. I wonder if a lifetime would even be sufficient. There is an abundance of quality destinations, & each one seems surreal. Emerald Lake has beautiful clear blue water and is in an ideal location being in the middle […]

little reminders

we’re all human. a little wrong, a little right. somewhat bad, mostly good. we get our emotions confused. we let others—and even ourselves—manipulate our own perspectives. a huge problem with the world is selfishness. who isn’t guilty of displaying some extent of it? some of it isn’t necessarily bad, too much and the world explodes […]

A day spent with refugees

(AIFS blog)   While studying abroad, so many days seemed to be the best days I had ever had. I would see new sights and think something along the lines of, “Is this real life?” or “Am I actually witnessing something so incredible?” Studying abroad was filled with a million memories and I would gladly […]