Breanna Booker. 22.

Journalist, Photographer, Sociologist.

Wannabe yoga teacher and amateur rock climber.

I tell stories, or sometimes, they tell me.


Every time I read about someone’s life, my own world shifts a little bit. I become more understanding and less likely to judge someone based on my own internalized ideologies of how things should be.

I firmly believe we should challenge our views every. single. day. That’s why I read. That’s why I write.

I listen. Tell me your stories, let me dive right in. I spend hours listening to podcasts, placing myself in someone’s mind for a little while and letting my thoughts intertwine with their own. The feelings others feel so easily become my own, simply when I listen.

I’m most likely planning my next destination. Not for the Gram, but to expand who I am and what I know. Traveling teaches you in ways reading a book can’t. So, we should all do both.

I studied abroad in Athens, Greece. Spend an hour with me and I guarantee I will find a way to bring it up. While I was there, I visited 11 other amazing countries and came to the conclusion that food in Europe is well worth any crappy Ryanair flight I took.

I’m an adrenaline seeker who is currently saving money to finally get my skydiving license. The idea of being able to jump out of a plane anywhere in the world is extremely thrilling and I can hardly wait to, well, take the jump.